Ubik / The Forever War Ubik / The Forever War

Alternative book cover designs inspired by two of my favourite SF novels: Ubik & The Forever War.

Be More Aim Less Be More Aim Less

Personal mantra created for an exhibition in Saskatoon, Canada.

One Hand Will Wash The Other One Hand Will Wash The Other

Screenprint based on a Jawbox lyric.

Stop Thinking In Pixels & Vectors Stop Thinking In Pixels & Vectors

A screenprint depicting a haphazard creative manifesto.

Interpol Interpol

A long, tall, 3-colour gig poster.

Rise Against Rise Against

3-colour gig poster.

Hold Your Horses Hold Your Horses

A vector portrait of a toy horse.

More Bad News More Bad News

Comic collaboration with Hannah Forward, creating a frame each in turn.

Invitation Invitation

A collage of Victorian illustrations for a screenprinted wedding invitation.

Spitalfield Spitalfield

Two-colour gig poster.

Mash Up Mash Up

A haphazard collage of various pieces of work.

Motivation Motivation

A series of motivational posters for the walls of Yardpartners' office.

Matt vs Matt Matt vs Matt

A boxing poster collaboration with Illustrator Matt Hams.