Mabboo wanted an eye-catching video to inspire people to back their new Kickstarter projectThe Bristol-based company specialise in bamboo fabric clothing and bamboo accessories including iPhone covers. They've discovered a new kind of bamboo fabric called Bamboo Lyocell that is even more environmentally friendly, and still as incredibly soft.

I was brought in to storyboard the short film, and then create the illustrations on-camera - live illustrations! I drew pandas, lots of bamboo, a double decker bus, and China, showing where the company was started, and plenty of T-shirts!

Take a look at the video above, visit the project on Kickstarter to find out more about backing the project, and how to get your hands on their bamboo T-shirts. The short film was filmed and edited by Day One Media, and you can see more about the shoot here. The soundtrack was created by James E Gray.