The client needed a series of captivating short videos to highlight the symptoms of sensitive teeth to their viewers. I came up with these videos: devising a technical setting, including a dentist demonstrating the points being made by drawing onto a sheet of glass. As an experienced Illustrator my hand has appeared on camera conutless times now, but this time I posed as a dentist, so I had to look the part. Having donned a labcoat, I was responsible for creating the illustrations on-camera, and my role also included storyboarding the two short films: coming up with diagrams and concepts to bring the narration to life; devising animation techniques used; and transitions. I drew and wrote directly onto the glass in front of a greenscreen background, as oppossed to creating them digitally. Items drawn included teeth, and smiles, enamel and dentine! One video is now at 60,000 views and counting. So that is plenty of impressions made by the videos, raising awareness of the brand.

Both films were shot and edited by Progress. Created whilst I was working at Pegasus PR.