So I’ve worked a huge amount over the years for Mabboo - a bamboo clothing brand based in the UK. The company, originally selling bamboo fabric T-shirts, started as an idea that has expanded over time to have a shop in Bristol as well as selling online. 

When the founder approached me, the first job I undertook was originating their logo, which led on to T-shirt designs, packaging, signage for appearances at festivals, diagrams for manufacturers, flyers, live paintings, product tags, mailshots, business cards… the list was endless. You can see some of the Tees I've designed over the years here and here and here

After a period of trading we looked at refining the brand: doing away with all the DIN in uppercase, and muting the brighter colours. We also created a hand-drawn animation to launch Mabboo's Kickstarter campaign.

It was great to do all this over the years, albeit some of it for little or no money. I am reminded of it when the "should I work for free" argument arises every so often. I was responsible for a lot of work, including lots of designs that never saw the light of day. Regardless it has been great to see something I helped bring to life continue to grow.